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Thread Inserts

Thread Inserts

Thread inserts (recoil inserts) are the easy method for reparing damaged for repairing damaged threads, or creating stronger original threads in alloys and composit material in original equipment manufacture. Create stronger threads in most materials.

Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. 
Simplifies change over from unified to matric and vice versa. 
Interchangeable with other brands of inserts and tooling. 
Reduce thread wear. 
Wide temprature tolerance

This versity makes recoil insert suitable for wide range of application.

The Thead Insert provides positive means for protecting and strengthning all tapped threads. The inserts are manufactured from 18-8 stainless steel (AISI -304 / DTD 734 A / AMS 7245 ) Or other space age materials conforming to internationally recignised Thread Inserts Specification DIN 8140-1 and other relevant standards

Our engineering process uses advanced facilities and rapis prototyping techniques to bring a given concept into reality. In order to make high quality GRIPCOIL inserts at reasonable price, our unit seekd the best balance between human resource and thier ergonomics and advanced automatic works centre.


We are committed to providing quality products to meet the eber changing meeds of our customers. We achieve this commitment by implementing the following objectives

• On time delivery • First time quality • Contimuous improvement of our processes and systems • Ensuring that our people are properly trained to be equipped to serve our customers

Our qualityprocess starts right with the product conception and goes well beyond its market introduction. No wonder our high quality standards stem from stringent purchase of raw materials to strict in house matching and sophisticated tooling techniques. It is little to say that our high quality standards are yours

Our quality efforts are certified to comply with ISO / TS - 16949:2009 and EN 9100:2003 standards


Available in two basic forms, free running or screw locking, Gripcoil Screw Thread insers are much lighter and less expensibe than any other equivalent type of screw thread insert. The compact size of Gripcoil inserts also ensure they can be incorporated into existing designs where no previous provision has been made.



Provides posititve means for protecting and strengthening all tapes threads.
• Free running type • Screw loccking type

Inserts are manufactured out of stainless steel grade AISI-304, 316, AMS 7245 & Space age materials. Identification / surface coatings are done on customers' requirement. Inserts and accessories are interchaneable to othe available lead brands.


Wire Thread Inserts The state of the art manufacturing facilities ensure that each of the 2 million inserts produced every month meet stringent qualty norms, Bouyant with positive customer feedback plans are in place to leverage the monthly production capacity to 3.5 million inserts shortly
Wire Thread Inserts

Free running & Screw locking type
UNC : 2-56 to 1"
UNF : 3-56 to 1"
Metric & sparkplug ISO: M1.6 to M45
BSW : 1/8 to 1"
BSP : 1/8 to 1"

Gripcoil wire thread inserts are available in five different lengths which are multiple of the diameters of particular insert. These are X the diamere 1D, 1.5D, 2D, 2.5D and 3D

Wire Thread Inserts

Installation tools & accessories
The Gripcoil Wire Thread Insert System includes a complete range of

• STI Hand & Machine Taps
• Installation / Insertion tools
• Tang break off tools
• Extraction / removals tools
• Thread plug gauge
• Thread repair kits

Gripcoil Screw Thread Inserts


• Better quality and performance while reducing overall product cost
• Create internal threads in which wear due to thread friction is virtually eleminated
• Useful in applications where repeated assembly & disassembly is required
• Protect tapped threads against failures due to stripping, seizing, corrosion and wear
• Create internal threads with greatly improved distribution of residual stress loading
• Compensate for pitch and flank angle errors
• Can generally be introduced into existing designs where no previous provisions has been made
• Make it possible to use thinner sections or lighter parent materials without sacrificing thread strength

GRIPCOIL Locking Inserts

Specially designed with locking coils to hold the bolt or screw in. Greatly resuces components such as lock nuts, sring washers, or wires thsough bolt heads. A space, weight, components and cost saving.

How Gripcoil locking inserts work
One ore more of the coils has a series of straight segments. Upon entry of the bolt these straight segments are flexed outwardly, ceating pressure on the bolt. This pressure is applied between the flanks of the bolt thread so that contact area is maximised and unit pressure is minimised. It is often possible to realize cycle life excess of specification requirements.

Installation process of GRIPCOIL Inserts

Gripcoil Screw Thread Inserts

Drill : Drill to clear out the damaged thread ( if necessary)

Tap :Thread insert tap supplied. Tap thread should match up with bolt

Install : Wind insert in with light downward pressure untill 1/4 to 1/2 turn below surface, driving tamg towards bottom of the hole.

Tang removal : Remove tool and sit back on top of tang. Tap down sharply. Do not try to twist tang off. Sparkplug and large fine threads, use long nose pliers and pull tang out.

Application Areas

With the extensive use of lightweight alloys throughout the aerospace industry, Gripcoil wire thread inserts are used increasingly to provide a strong, reliable thread capable of withsatnding a high degree of vibration, extreme temeperature and repeated assembly and disassembly. Today, Gripcoil wire thread inserts, supported by Civil Avaition Safety Authority abd Society of British Aerospace Companies Approvals, are widely used by aerospace companies throughout the world.

Gripcoil is continually increasing its involvement in the automative industry as the use of lightweight alloys become predominant. This has to increases co-operation with many of the world's leading automotive manufacturers and is supported by Gripcoil's Quality Program encompassing ISO9001 and ISO9000 accreditation

The use of Gripcoil inserts is now fully accepted in most modern manufacturing facilities including electronics, defence, heavy machinery and many others.

Maintenance & repair
Gripcoil's easy to use and convenient thread repair kits provide a simple solution to worn and damged threads in industrial machinery, automobiles, boats and many other components and items involving precision threads

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